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  • Who are we? What is Fusion Fit?
  • Our Objective The Fusion Fit Objective
  • Are you ready? Become Limitless
  • What is Fusion Fit?

    Fusion Fit combines martial arts discipline and grit within a fitness environment.

  • The Fusion Fit Objective

    Our goal is to give individuals an opportunity to learn the skills they need to become better individuals, rather than just give them “workouts.”

  • Become Limitless

    We have helped to develop countless individuals to become better humans; from getting you off the couch to to pushing your limits and becoming limitless.

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Welcome to Fusion Fit Training
I'll Be Your Coach.

We're here to provide you with all the capabilities you need to fuse your spirit, mind, and body to become a more capable version of yourself. We do this through obstacle course preparation, unconventional training, and pre- and post-injury development. We started in 2005 with a mission to improve ourselves and others using a grit and discipline we developed in martial arts training. Get ready to become Fusion-Fit. Learn more

Joseph Bautista
Owner, Fusion Fit Training

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